Nano Defender

An anti-adblock defuser for Nano Adblocker and uBlock Origin


Nano Defender can only protect either Nano Adblocker or uBlock Origin, and will prioritize Nano Adblocker.

Get Nano Defender for Chrome or Chromium

Get Nano Defender for Edge (Unsigned, Developers Only, Only Works With Nano Adblocker)

Maintainers wanted for other browsers (open an issue to let me know).

If you are using uBlock Origin, there are a few extra installation steps to follow.


May 5, 2018

Some solutions require Chrome or Chromium 66 or higher to work, make sure to update your browser.

September 19, 2017

Nano Defender is 100% free, and I do not accept donation. Now and in the future. My GitHub ID is jspenguin2017, my GitLab ID is xuhaiyang1234, and my domain is Be careful to not get scammed by someone who is pretending to be a developer of Nano Defender.

August 6, 2017

Since Flash player will be completely removed in 2020, websites that have anti-adblock after requesting Flash support are now low priority.


Do you have proper regional filters activated?

Are your filters up to date?

Is Nano Defender up to date?

Have you tried clearing your cookies?

Are you using another extension that may cause conflicts?

Are you using another filter list that may cause conflicts?

Did you change any settings that may cause your adblocker to misbehave?

If you are using uBlock Origin, did you properly follow the extra installation steps?

Are you using Anti-Adblock Killer, AAK-Cont, or uBO-Extra? Nano Defender does similar things as they do which can lead to conflicts.

Are you using more than one adblocker? Nano Defender can only protect one adblocker and will prioritize Nano Adblocker.

Note: I have received a few reports about the ABP X Files filter list causing issues, try disabling that filter list if you run into them.

Common questions and issues

Will there be a configurable whitelist for Nano Defender?

Not until I have a reliable way to synchronously send configuration data to content scripts. This is a limitation of browser APIs.

Can console messages be turned off?

No, I need to see the console output on your end to quickly find the cause of your issues, that is why I ask for a screenshot of the console when you open an issue.

In production mode, all the console messages will begin with [Nano], so you can easily filter them out.

Can mining wall be bypassed?

No, that is not possible if the implementation on the server side is correct.

Adblockers block mining scripts by default and I will not add exceptions if the mining process is started automatically.

The control is in your hand, whitelist the page if you absolutely need the resources locked behind the wall.

Nano Defender is causing (further) breakage.

Report it and I will try to take care of it within 2 days. Keep in mind that this only apply to breakage caused by Nano Defender, other breakages may not be fixed this fast.

A website freezes with Nano Defender enabled.

Some websites will intentionally freeze (with an infinite loop for example) once they detect Nano Defender, it could also be caused by a bug in Nano Defender.

Either way, report it and I will try to take care of it within 2 days. Keep in mind that this only apply to freezings caused by Nano Defender, other freezings may not be fixed this fast.

On Chrome or Chromium, you can use task manager to terminate the tab that froze, go to Menu -> More tools -> Task manager, select the tab that froze, then click End process.

A website is still detecting my adblocker.

Nano Defender is not magical, a lot of websites need to be fixed on a case by case basis. Report it and I will have a look. Depending on the website, it can take some time.

A website is perceptibly slower with Nano Defender enabled.

Report it and I will have a look.

Known issues,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Server side ads injection, video ads not blocked.

Account Required Geo Lock (New Zealand) Geo Lock (United States of America)

Test link 1 Test link 2 Test link 3

Issue 1

Video player sometimes shows a screen that asks the user what type of ads he wants. Choose to watch trailer if available; actual ads are usually skipped after choosing.

Video ads are replaced by 1 second blank video but they would still cause a slight interruption.

Account Required Geo Lock (United States of America) VPN Detected

Test link 1 Test link 2

Issue 1 Issue 2

Video ads not blocked.

Geo Lock (United Kingdom) Low Priority (Flash)

Test link 1 Test link 2

Issue 1 Issue 2,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ads take up to 1 second to hide, also the solution is quite inefficient.

Test link 1 Test link 2

Issue 1 Issue 2,, [NSFW],, [NSFW],,,

Solutions are patched as soon as they come out.

Test link 1 Test link 2 [NSFW] Test link 3

Issue 1 Issue 2 [NSFW] Issue 3 [NSFW] Issue 4 Issue 5,

Solutions are patched as soon as they come out.

Nano Defender Extra, a special extension available to a few trusted individuals, has fixes for these websites.,

Ads and sponsored contents are not removed when they are baked into the video stream.

Unlike server side ads injection, the video player does not know when the ads and sponsored contents play, so it would be near impossible to accurately detect and remove them.

Check open issues in the following issues trackers for other known issues

Nano Filters Issues Tracker

uAssets Issues Tracker

Reporting an issue

Must read: The version of uBlock Origin that Nano Adblocker uses can be found in About section of Nano Dashboard. I am aware that Nano Adblocker is different, but when it comes to filters, most of the times things work the same. If you have been told by contributors of uAssets that your issue could not be reproduced, ping @jspenguin2017 or report it again to NanoFilters.

Before opening an issue, always check known issues.

If you are using Edge, report all issues to NanoFilters.

For missed ads and tracking scripts, report to EasyList.

For hard anti-adblock (allow ads or leave type) and popups, report to uAssets.

For cookie notices, report to Fanboy.

For any other filter issues, report to NanoFilters.

For bugs, suggestions, and questions, report to NanoCore.

Confused? Try out the new Quick Issue Reporter! Click the extension icon of Nano Defender to find it.

Extra installation steps for uBlock Origin

Step 1. Enable Adblock Warning Removal List.

Step 2. Install Nano Defender Integration filter list.

Step 3. Go to uBlock Origin dashboard, select "Settings" tab, check "I am an advanced user", click the gears that shows up, replace "unset" after "userResourcesLocation" by "" (without quotes).

Note: If you have another User Resources in use, then you would need to either switch to Nano Adblocker or manually merge resources. It takes an eternity to get any resources into uAssets, I have tried.

Warning: The resource file is not a filter list, do not load it as a filter list or things will break.

Step 4. Install Nano filters.

Step 5. Install Nano filters - Whitelist.