Nano Defender (a.k.a. uBlock Protector)

An anti-adblock defuser for Nano Adblocker and uBlock Origin

Nano Defender is not enabled!

Installation instructions

You must be using Chromium / Chrome and Nano Adblocker / uBlock Origin to use this project.

Check out AdBlock Protector 2 if you do not want to switch your setup.

Step 1. Install Nano Defender.

That is it if you are using Nano Adblocker! If you are using uBlock Origin, then you have a few more steps to follow...

Step 2. Enable Adblock Warning Removal List.

Step 3. Install Nano Defender Integration filter list.

Step 4. Go to uBlock Origin dashboard, select "Settings" tab, check "I am an advanced user", click the gears that shows up, replace "unset" after "userResourcesLocation" by "" (without quotes).

Note: If you have another User Resources in use, then you would need to either switch to Nano Adblocker or manually merge resources. It takes an eternity to get any resources into uAssets, I have tried.

Step 5. Install Nano filters.

Step 6. (Optional) Install Nano filters – Timer bypassing.

Note: Nano Defender used to have some timer bypassing logic built in, but now, that will be handled by Nano Adblocker instead, you can install this functionality to uBlock Origin manually if you want.

Click on the extension icon if you need more information.

Source code and license

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